Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Exclusive sighting of Bottom in Executive Time

How Bottom, in Executive Time, holes up in his manse in contemplation of his foxy Queen Titania and friends, brooding upon his Fate at the hands of the Faux Monnayeurs of their dreamworld, has become a staple of the world's curiosity, for the kinky reason that he has a twitchy thumb. It was with relief, therefore, that they heard he was no longer especially concerned about the nuclear proliferation he so excited the world about on the Korean peninsula, and indeed was entirely content about it on the Arabian one. That left, miraculously, only pesky Counterfeiters of news, and un-nuclear horror for his pet zealot to conjure.

Friday, February 15, 2019

What news of Bottom, and his anxious lower border?

  Who can dream of making light of
  Fox News' pixie dust, after trans-
  forming our endearing Bottom into
  an Ass for all to see, reduced to
  striking menacing postures to the
  delight of their viewership, even
  to the disquiet of their nemesis,
  the undistracted gaze of history;
  how shall his Queen Titania still
  find reason to tickle his ears?

Queensland Ballet

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Origins of Wednesday lxxxviii: Consent or custom?

The intriguing defense of Virginia's
Lt Gov (the office doesn't really use 
the orthographic space it occupies),
to a couple of pressing complaints of
sexual assault, is that the encounters
were "consensual." To have any experi-
ence with life is to possess enough ex-
perience with assault to blow that re-
tort out of the water with one simple
question: how the heck would you know?

I give you the circumstance, of submit-
ting to the custom of the towel snap
on the fanny in the locker room, the
mussing of one's hair before class,
even (hypothetically) the tummy grab
from behind, as yielding to horseplay
as good-naturedly as the setting seems
to demand. But setting and submitting
aren't consenting, and the Lt Gov is
not any likelier to forge that equation
in his pending testimony, than a jury
is to lack experience of assault. Dis-
tinguishing volition from consequence
is akin to counting a ballot without
gerrymandering its frame. He'll learn.

Stella Tennant x Cathleen Naundor

John Koch
1909 - 1978
After the Sitting

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sunday nibbled sleeve iv: Governor Northam's therapy campaign

Briefly to recapitulate, for readers
blessed to have been comatose last
week, the Governor of Virginia, hav-
ing been publicly convulsed in con-
trition for posing in a group port-
rait favoring Ku Klux Klan violence
and minstrel show standards of equal
protection, recanted on the following
news cycle, and denied that he had
any idea where the picture came from.
With that, he announced he would ig-
nore the interests of Virginians, his
Party, and his own ostensible prin-
ciples, and cling to his Office with
the tenacity of the tick he may be.

The subsequent exposure, within hours,
of his successor as a serial sexual
assailant, and of his successor as an-
other racially confused vessel of e-
has somewhat reinforced the Governor's
barricading of himself in Office, much
to the 24/7 employment of poll-takers,
to quantify the damage before it hits.

to attain a new level of ridiculousness,
and sink to an unimagined low of divis-
iveness, by vowing as unctuously as any
caricature of Uriah Heap to commit him-
self to what he wouldn't know if it hit
him in the solar plexus, racial equity,
for the rest of his livelong daze as Gov-
ernor. Seldom has the chaos of a politi-
cian's contrition so spontaneously ren-
ovated the urgent priorities of policy
in his domain, to suit a program of ef-
facing a sordid, sodden sense of guilt,
which his resignation could do for free.
And yet, who can forget the example of
Brutus' funeral oration for Caesar, re-
vealing a glittering upside to grief?

But even Brutus didn't blame the State.
According to Ralph Northam, it is more
urgent for Virginians to be conscript-
ed in his crusade for himself, than it
is for them to redress with their legis-
lators' sobriety and balance, the many
pressing opportunities and problems of
public policy in the Commonwealth. What
a dauntless idiot. As if repulsive in-
anity in his underlying conduct had not
made Virginians feel deceived enough, 
he offers the cure of heedless vanity.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Bendel bonnet, a Shakespeare sonnet

The handiest answer to the
diminished popularity of a
caffè con panna, is the 
tautological one, fashion.

                     Yet this escape hatch, it-
                     self fashionable, begs the
                     question, is this Prada fa-
                     shion, vegan fashion, car-
                     diac fashion, diversity fa-
                     shion..? Yet, we say, abor-
                     tion is not so much in fa-
                     shion, because we can't a-
                     gree whether it's murder, 
                     or couples clamoring for a
                     constriction of choice. Nei-
                     ther one is much in fashion. 

  Murder is down, possibly as
  a bizarre function of the
  rising trend toward suicide;
  and people who had been up
  in arms for a choice between
  Republican or well-behaved
  Congressional oversight have
  begun to constrict their
  choice to ill-behaved inter-
  rogations run by Democrats.
  But we hear this was not a
  choice, merely the nudge of
  being human. A more fright-
  eningly accurate definition
  of fashion might not exist.
  Fashion keeps chugging on:
  who's paying for it today?
  Maybe some of them, humans.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Suppose it were Friday clxix: A very good light for Volnay

  Here you will find a poor but beau-
  tifully exposed, very stony, reddish
  soil of Bathonian origin on a rocky
  base, on quite a definite slope fac-
  ing to the southeast. It is the light-
  ness of the soil throughout the Volnay
  vineyards that largely contributes to 
  the delicacy and finesse of this com-
  mune's wines.

Although I have argued here, before, that taste is a human right, it isn't from care that I haven't rejected the reality that it can be educated, with all the risks of coercion that process can inflict. It's in weather such as this, in backlighting of earlier days like this, that I look with gratitude upon the qualities of a wine which is less probable to discover today, without a push such as I was given as a student, and the house red wine was from an appellation not then expensive, also not hotly flogged by hired authorities. We don't experience those conditions in these times, but I do not regard them as indispensable to loving an extraordinary treasure for itself. I apologize as much for speaking its name, as for withholding it. 

Clive Coates
The Wines of France
  Revised Edition
Wine Appreciation Guild

i  Alexander McQueen
   Bazaar UK

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Will the beautiful room be empty?

I don't recall the infantile crisis
of bed-wetting as especially conta-
gious, but then I wasn't collecting
statistics at the time, to alibi my
campaign for staying in the family.

As Virginia has come down with an
outbreak of blackface impetigo at
the highest levels of her govern-
ment, and a lawsuit gathers steam
against a bench-warmer, for imper-
sonating consensual sex, people be-
gin to remember how the sure-thing
for higher office was a klutz of a
plagiarist, a leading antagonist of 
the degenerate President is a combat 
veteran imposter, and another candid-
ate carries James Stewart's vertigin-
to the extreme of playing hers out

This has given rise to The Ralph
Northam Rule: Before we allow one
of the children to be excused to
go potty, we need to be sure not
to discriminate against others of
equal claim to mercy. Someone must
stay, so to speak, to hold the fort.

The Democratic Party had better be-
gin to find out if the people care
anymore if a politician is trust-
worthy, or if they should evacuate 
a beautiful room they don't deserve.
The resistance is not a festschrift
for contrition, but for liberation.
If a Democrat isn't available, one
had better not try to be invented.