Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday commute lxxi: and who will be deterred?

       When Adam asked the angel how they did it,
       The angel blushed, his face was rosy red,
       So something went on there that we can't have.

David Ferry
  New Poems and
  Untitled Dream Poem
op. cit.

Lessandro Reyniers

Friday, October 26, 2012

Distracted in the morning

     never a lapse incurred
     by an English dog, to
     whom all of Gaul is al-
     ways clear in its tri-
     angulation: there is
     himself, there is his
     friend, and there is a
     world to make more gen-
     tle where he goes. 

i   Emanuel Picoli
ii  Laurent, A morning, 25 Oct 12

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Envisioning an arrival of change

I remember Philip Johnson
in architecture, as he
visited Taliesin West and
as he designed his estate
in New Canaan and the bi-
ology building at Yale.

A Taoist hiker writes of
new sensation in present-
ing his pictures from Tus-
cany. Integers of proces-
sion, not necessarily of
similar weight, kind, or
form, their sum is change.

In this way, deletion can 
precipitate an increment.

ii  Lionel André, Pienza, October 2012
v   Ivan Terestchenko, Rose for Whit, October 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


                .. hath been
So clear in his great office ..

Songbird's Sparks Will Fly

6 June 2001
24 October 2012

I have regret to bring
to the page news of the
loss of its partner and
a stirring, salient mo-
tive. The waggy tag,
the merry masque, the
feathers never set; his
spirit wouldn't hear of
it. How could ours, now.

One can assimilate a
change, but no one can 
surmise the eclipse of
a sustaining love. 

William Shakespeare
I, vii, 17 - 18
The Arden Shakespeare
op. cit.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apology tour

I close this season
of political comment
as any of us would.

We, I believe, know
the unveiled bigotry
in the stab-in-the-
back mode of polit-
ical address; and we
know the endless vul-
garity of its thrill.

Humanity recoils in
prayer for our angels.

               We have seen this race proved
               by wholesale, by drearier, yet
               more fearful tests - the wound,
               the amputation, the shatter'd
               face or limb, the slow hot fever,
               long impatient anchorage in bed,
               and all the forms of maiming,
               operation and disease. Alas!
               America have we seen, though 
               only in her early youth, already
               to hospital brought. There have
               we watched these soldiers, many
               of them only boys in years -
               mark'd their decorum, their re-
               ligious nature and fortitude,
               and their sweet affection.

               Wholesale, truly. For at the 
               front, and through the camps,
               in countless tents, stood the
               regimental, brigade and division
               hospitals; while everywhere amid
               the land, in or near cities, rose
               clusters of huge, white-wash'd, 
               crowded, one-story wooden barracks;
               and there ruled agony with bitter
               scourge, yet seldom brought a cry;
               and there stalked death by day and
               night along the narrow aisles be-
               tween the rows of cots, or by the 
               blankets on the ground, and touch'd
               lightly many a poor sufferer, often
               with blessèd, welcome touch.


Walt Whitman
  Democratic Vistas
Complete Poetry and
  Collected Prose
Justin Kaplan, editor
Library of America, 1982©

Monday, October 22, 2012

Republic of glory: "Etch me a sketch I can win with"

  The American presidential election
  campaign finds the nominees of its
  two empowered parties in ostensib-
  le debate this evening, at yet an-
  other outpost of higher learning. 
  I could hardly commend this occa-
  sion to the page's treasured read-
  ers in Argentina, but for the sub-
  ject matter: what is called, "for-
  eign policy." This is our field of
  dreams for society's weakest links
  to enjoy some spectacle of revenge.