Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who has the task to domicile an English dog?

I have sent an English dog out for showing, with a handler involved in his breeding; and I have sent one out for rustication with his breeder during a move of residence. I have never before sent an English dog to the care of others while I've been in hospital. The return of the English dog under such circumstances is a game change.

It does not fail to resemble awaiting the arrival of a new puppy in a fa-miliar line, such as my English dog Whit is, the nephew of my first, Geordie. It is certain, that the adjustment is to be welcomed and yet will have been, underestimated.

Of all things about this page, the one that should be the most obvious is that it has no métier and only the essayist's diverse if not random tug to put things into words which, more and more, we like to think of pictorially. This can seem grandiose, arising from an ordinary life, but from this side there is an element of the lark to offer mitigation.

Within two or three hours of this mug of coffee, I will incur the return to my house of an English dog, to resume residency with me in all that his station implies. Cus-tom and practice in accommodation have been well rehearsed, and I will not need to show him where his water is. Indeed, I will not need to tell him he is home; he will have scented it distinctly, from every other farm in this placid, rolling neighborhood of pastures and ponds, from six miles away. With that perception he will be quickened to accelerate his progress by any means possible; and I will have followed him home.

It is with his sense of possessing this domain that he affords not merely that anchor, but that spark of domicile, be it ever so out of place, which gives me this home. I do not object to a provenance so innocently bestowed, that it should be so unperfected without him. There is no inversion in the necessary chain of care and authority in this unusual kind of recompense. I have the task, he has the gift.


  1. Maximum knowable charm in your present visit. Yes, there is the restoration of this music to the house to bear in mind!