Saturday, November 5, 2016

My favourite clothespin ix

     afford the meteoro-
     logical coincidence
     for wearing no more
     and no less than an
     wants in afternoon.

     It's the acute ang-
     le season, the ear-
     then pleats welcome
     some unbrittleness,
     darts array in play
     upon the aubergine.

     A fleeting pastoral
     ensign, unmistaken


Lukas Pukowiec
October, 2016

Le Grand William 
Hugo Boss
  vest and shirt
Ermenegildo Zegna

Cowgill Forge
October, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

Who knew such portents of a slight embarrassment?

Like you, I'd have to say we've
vice, for the last dozen months
or more, from an intelligentsia
insensitive to the tolerance of
anomaly which abounds among our
body politic. Now, they propose
to share their contrarianism at
the least opportune moment, the
election of the next President.

I've argued for empathy but not
for imitation; yet we know rad-
icals only scoff, when we've no
sores to bare, ghosts to blame,
or scourges to invoke upon God.


Whatever their reasons ..
despite how many of them 
think Mr. Trump has been 
detrimental to the party, 
more than eight in 10 Re-
publican voters are falling 
in line behind their nominee.

November 3, 2016

Andrew Sullivan
New York
November 3, 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

November 2nd, 2016

  I don't have a problem
  necessarily, in seeing
  things my father never
  saw. He grew up a lake
  boy on Lake Shore, and
  never saw the Cubs win
  a Series.

  But he was at Forbes
  Field when Mazeroski
  homered, while I had
  to be in school. Not
  that I would say, he
  got the better deal.

  At least not anymore.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Game 7

  No, I'm not remember-
  ing just last night -

  something here reminds
  me of Neatsfoot oil my
  father gave me to con-
  dition the mitt I must
  have lost somewhere a-
  long the way. It's OK;
  the Cubs are away this
  evening, too, correct?

  An Aeneid, we inhaled.  

ii  Bruce Weber
    Bear Pond
    Bulfinch, 1990©

Origins of Wednesday xlii: To rely

  On a Columnar Self -
  How ample to rely
  In Tumult - or Extremity -
  How good the Certainty

  That Lever cannot pry -
  And Wedge cannot divide
  Conviction - That Granitic Base -
  Though none be on our side -

                   Suffice Us - for a Crowd -
                   Ourself - and Rectitude -
                   And that Assembly - not far off
                   From furthest Spirit - God -

Helen Vendler
  Selected Poems 
  and Commentaries
Emily Dickinson
Harvard University Press, 2010©

Akira Gomi
Rena Murakami
gelatin silver print

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Being delivered

   The train's stopping wakes me.
   Weeds in the gully are white
   with the year's first snow.
   A lighted train goes
   slowly past absolutely empty.
   Also going to Fukuoka.

   I feel around in myself
   to see if I mind. Maybe
   I am lonely. It is hard
   to know. It could be
   hidden in familiarity.

Jack Gilbert
  Suddenly Adult

Mark Peter Drolet
West Texas

Monday, October 31, 2016

Arm music viii: not a mask, a gauze

  A time to tell you things are well.
  Birds flew south a year ago.
  One returned, a blue-wing teal
  wild with news of his mother's love.

  Mention me to friends. Say
  Wolves are dying at my door,
  the winter drives them from their meat.
  Say this: in my mind

                 I saw your spiders weaving threads
                 to bandage up the day. And more,
                 those webs were filled with words
                 that tumbled meaning into wind.

  Snow Country Weavers
op. cit.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The fairness part

While everyone was having a ball with his unfitness, who noticed where he was going with the simple fairness part?

Oh, Aristotle. Does it take two to parent irony? Who owns the sound of play?

      x Eber Figueira 

J. Edgar, we hardly knew ye

   I deal in raw data
   that dazzle the eye;
   I hustle in scandal
   your vote to defy.

   You have a republic -
   what good can it do -
   I have a backside
   to cover with you.

Francisco Lachowski

Minor White
silver gelatin print
ca 1973