Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Next stop, the Haymarket?

The New York Times published this
lovely photograph of the latest
resort of politics to Washington
Square, reminding one and all of
the genius of the Electoral Col-
lege to ignore such excesses of
popular sentiment, with a sage
hypervaluation of our agrarian
wastes. Emma Goldman, eat your
heart out: what happens in
Greenwich Village stays there,
give or take a Weather Under-

But of course, it's true. Of 
the many ways this republic
has invented or adapted to re-
duce its vulnerability to any
reckless reliance upon one
person, one vote, nothing has
outdone good, old-fashioned
shaming of the call for that
human right, itself. Hence,
our President's excoriation
of homelessness, as a blight
on the prestige of Nob Hill.

This proficiency in oligar-
chy's seizure of power in the
United States, has meant that
the electorate isn't remotely
a wellspring of policy, but 
manipulable blocs, exploitable
for permits to rule over them.
But I stray. It was a pleasant
evening in Washington Square.