Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Origins of Wednesday cii: Speaking through the dark

Most people who have friends in California
know people who are cut off from electric
power and are breathing smoke. I have an
arrangement with a friend of mine in the
area of the Point Reyes National Seashore,
to give him a telephone call every morning
at 8:00am Pacific, with the salient news.

The United States is without a sane Presid-
ent, and even without electricity or fire
safety, he tells me this feels like an emer-
gency. One could well imagine, except that
when one does have electricity and amiable
air, all kinds of deficiencies in other as-
pects of life slip into sociable deniabil-
ity. Living in the dark restores critical
thinking to its place in one's survival. 

I can hear, in my morning conversations on
the news with my friend in California, a
renascent clarity of candor combined with
a wholly unprecedented tone of diminution,
as if his rapport with place were broken:

When will you do something to stop this?