Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday commute cv: With the quiet

  And if I touch aright that quiet tone, 
  That soothing truth that shadows forth their own,
  Then many a year shall grow in after days
  And still find hearts to love my quiet lays ..

  What an expedition, 
  we always find in
  reading Clare, he
  conceives his lan-
  guage to afford,
  and dares making.

  Not of return, not
  of invasion, of dis-
  covery anticipated;
  not as an exile, or
  an invalid. He walks
  free. His verse re-
  ceives him, nothing
  brittle there.

  I can wish to know
  no better.


John Clare
"I Am"
  The Selected Poetry
  The Eternity of Nature
Jonathan Bate
op. cit.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Whose subversion is this, anyway?

  Common, an equation
  of work and wetness
  that persists in an
  unspoken projection
  of brute nakedness,
  toward they who la-
  bour, out of light,
  yet dreaded anyway,
  as if someday, some
  debt might be paid,
  or worse: some fact
  affirmed in school.

  One of these photos
  was a work of espi-
  onage. It had to be
  coherent and timely.
  Why is it so alive?

i    Alexander McQueen
     men's mackintosh

iii  Edith Tudor-Hart
      Bath, Colliers' Drying Room

George Orwell
The Road to Wigan Pier
op. cit.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Burst of the season

  Depending on the motive,
  we never complain of the

  It follows, that the ges-
  tures we admire least am-
  bivalently, exult in the
  sweetest motives.

  Essential reading.

Luke Edward Hall
  project for a framing

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That makes two of us

 What settle-

   We, after all, also
   elected a Bush more
   often than, for the
   peace of the world,
   we should have done.

   Maybe there are two
   societies, for whom
   it'd be polite, not
   to enact democracy.

    Just a thought.

Joseph Beuys
1921 - 1986

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Annals of occupancy

  "I occupy space," Le Corbusier
  remarked in a turn on Descartes,
  "therefore, I am." What we have
  contemplated as space-occupying
  behaviour is an inevitably re-
  curring matter of human thought,
  and as we've seen, of physics.

  How can we know, if we do this?

i, iii   Adrien Sahores
ii       JMW Turner
          Moonlight with shipping
          ca 1830
iv      Baz Ratner, Reuters
          The New York Times
         March 16, 2015©


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday with the Exclusion Principle

An undercurrent here,
a fine excuse to re-
sort to the fundamen-
tals. Over time, it's
become clear, where a
table draws one back.

Elliott Erwitt
  Mary & Robert Frank
  Valencia, 1952

Robert Frank

Walker Evans
  The Bowery, New York

Valéry Lorenzo

Tim Schuhmacher