Tuesday, February 4, 2020

You can't possibly mean we have to do this again ?

 There's no need to deny it, for
 one can sort of tell - and if we
 haven't gone there, ourself, per- 
 haps we ought to.

 But, yes, to go through that mode
 of election - with all those con-
 testants around, tugging at us in
 one direction or another - is a
 trial not to be revisited anytime
 soon. To have to learn that none
 of this ever registered at all,
 never was measured or counted or
 lasted, and left no trace behind -

 Mother always warned about Iowa,
 and now one can certainly see why. 
 What's hardest to endure, indeed,
 is the thought that she might ev-
 er have heard of it. No wave was
 ever meant to be of grain.