Saturday, August 8, 2015

Now, hold perfectly still

   Rowing is the control
   of the spine through-
   out opposed exertions
   of the limbs; breath-
   ing, too, is orderly.
   Yet, we do pursue it. 

Claude Monet
Pink Skiff, Boating on the Ept

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So, hey, the Feds have ruled against Texas again

      Texas had another miserable
      yesterday. The latest caper
      against Voting Rights got
      whacked in the 5th Circuit.

      We don't expect compliance,
      but, yo. Observe the tradi-
      tion. This marks 50 years,
      less a day, of late, unsus-
      tainable justice in Texas.
      It's where we send our law-
      yers, to catch up in wisdom.

      So much for free trade with
      intractably phobic regimes.




Wednesday, August 5, 2015

And your radishes are doing how?

 Has anyone a better explana-
 tion for the radish's insur-
 gency in trendy urban dining
 than the demographically led
 awakening to spiced cuisine
 of Latin America, Asia, and
 the Afro-American South?

 Or is it just a sentimental
 holdout of Mediterranean her-
 itage cuisine, with an unsus-
 pected talent for blending in?

 Celebrants of vitality have
 always known the answer. We
 find them, and then don't
 need to ask.

Studio Pierre Frey