Friday, January 12, 2018

How the swastika mounted the wall

   the lovelorn in
   their homeland.

President of the United States
Doug Mills, photographer
The New York Times
10 January 2018©

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Yet another enviable day in Court

    Piece by piece, the American state of
    North Carolina is playing out, gradu-
    ally, the disintegration of a polit-
    ical culture predicated upon the most
    extreme disparities possible, between
    Constitutional governance and protec-
    tion of contradictions long abandoned
    by its own population. That these an-
    omalies have persisted in the elected
    branches, only to be tossed out by the 
    judiciary speaks to the decrepitude of
    the right to vote in that awkwardly e-
    merging powerhouse of regional progress.

    North Carolina had another exhibition-
    quality day in Court, just yesterday, 
    which will only further the principles
    I suppose we know where the people we 
    don't know, will run for cover next. 

Gustaaf Wassink