Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday commute xciii: after the frost, sunlight

  There are so many leaves
  to fall that you almost
  wonder how it can happen
  without your hearing it.
  But one does, in early
  sunrise after a frost,
  hear them falling one by
  one, pirouetting in des-
  cent en pointe upon one's
  cap beneath their canopy,
  finally specific, an en-
  tire corps revealed one
  by golden one; and one
  sees the light transfig-
  ured into following, fur-
  ling sheaths of sudden
  adulation, a lifelong
  season's shade dispersed
  in single, whole moments. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Footnotes from the Styx

    Everything falls in
    place, reasonably e-
    nough, but it is not
    so easy to be recon-
    ciled with the heel.
    It is not mortality,
    the unease. It's the
    irremediable inter-
    ference, a legacy un-
    severable, unspendab-
    le - ancestral folly.

Monday, November 4, 2013

House Speaker announces a better idea than playing fair


It's what the bigots
always mean when they
assert the protection
of small business, the
family rental property,
and the practice of a-
doring their god to the
intended, specific harm
of others. Speaker John
Boehner, third in line
to the Presidency of
the United States, is
today's mouthpiece for
the Heritage Foundation,
a wolf pack on K Street.

Who's tomorrow's? And
whose flesh will feed
that jackal's phony 

November 4th, 2013

A word on workplace decency

If I were a stonemason, a craft
we've contemplated before in
this place, I'd naturally pray
for my government's protection
from the child-threatening ex-
tremists who hold such media-
driven power over society to-
day, that they'd only invade 
my shop floor with subversive
funny clothes and quinoa honey
smoothies. How could I buff a
slate or cut a block symmetric-
ally, in a shop besieged by so 
much chaos on two feet? For
a real guy to do real work, he
needs protection from the law.

What ever happened to the idea
of unit cohesion? It was good
enough for the Army, and what's
good for a gun should be good
for a chisel: a guy shouldn't
have to worry about being at-
tacked, all the time, and you
know they always get all sweaty.

November 3rd, 2013