Saturday, September 29, 2018

July 6th, 1535

When they executed Sir Thomas More
for telling the truth, his inquis-
itor, Thomas Cromwell - who would
die from the same axe, five years
later, for wielding it impetuously - 
taunted him about his serene con-
fidence in the welcome of God. The
playwright Robert Bolt has trans-
cribed this in a way we recalled
in the Star Chamber torment of an-
other innocent, in an overbearing
and embittered stampede of lust —

                    He will not refuse someone 
                    who is so blithe to go to Him.

Five years are many lifetimes
in American politics, but every
Senator in that debauch faces 
election in 2 more years or 4.
Every one will answer for his
conduct then, though he thought 
his warfare were accomplished.

Gabriella Demczuk
Christine Blasey Ford
The New York Times©
28 ix 18

Friday, September 28, 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Committee will come to order

The clubhouse at last is the seat
of its own trial, and this is es-
pecially frightening if one has
structured all of one's rejection
of human rights on denying juris-
diction in the tribunal - our min-
ister Bolton's complaint with an
International Criminal Court, the
Supreme Court nominee du jour's
denial of our law enforcement's 
reach into the White House. Funny
coincidence, that. But the Senate
has never discovered a thing it
ought not do; and now its trial is
opened, in the place where it sits.

Plato did warn, Diotima would en-
ter the Symposium. But who knew?

Angelos Tzortzinis
Acropolis at sunset
21 ix 18

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

We remember, of course, the General Assembly

It's where poor old Townsend, of UNIPO,
was expected to render some sort of ad-
dress, in Hitchcock's N by NW. Might've
made it, too, but for a knife toss when
meeting Cary Grant. Oh my. These things
happen, to try our souls. And so it was
that our President, that genital-seizing
prophet of American greatness, remark-
ed on his superiority to any predecessor
ever, and positively brought down the
cannot be asked to transcribe, in res-
pect for his indelicate posture. Even
then, there's the bell, as Grace Kelly
breathlessly remarked to Ray Milland, be-
fore that faculty came under duress, in 
Dial M. Do we ever ask ourselves, how we
might otherwise get by, without farce?

Possibly not often enough. Yet, more to
the point, how can one compensate the
UN, for putting our President on-stage
during the Interval, so we might safely
graze amongst our kind, in rustic peace?

Tony Ray-Jones
Christie Estate

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Shall we protract the Age of Helplessness?

The only thing we can see, really to
give pause to Sarah Saunders' revival
of the Age of Involuntary Servitude 
to Puberty's Disturbances Defense, on
behalf of the wakening boy from Brazil
about to ravish our higher Law, is its
implication of expiring into some self-
control. The price of invoking the an-
cient gold standard of adolescent en-
titlement is its promise of an emanci-
pation all profess to welcome, except
the American President - who exalts it
as Greatness, itself. Yet who could ex-
pect the President, almost elected by
the American People, to deviate from a
principal so defining, in infiltrating
our institutions with cloned vassals?

Thus the hoary Defense, hectic in its
design to distract from the scarcity
of its cover, is only more exhibition.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Tiger Woods is back

Numerous times rebuilt, the great
naturally to mind in heavy polit-
ical weather, having been bombed
in the siege of '70 and foully
besmirched with swastikas in the
early '40s. Manet and Dégas got
there before the Communards, Bon-
nard a generation after; and to
conceive of Longchamp with eyes
not steeped in Impressionism is
less an indecency than a gesture
of inexperience with its meaning.

Something about a sport such as 
this is never vulnerable to lit-
erality's intrusion, mortal as 
its exemplars are, even somewhat 
fickle in their followings. Tiger
Woods is competing in Paris this
a frame held together by the same
single breath. What else is on?

Pierre Bonnard
At the Races, Longchamp
Private collection

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Further news of our rollicking little goodguy

Mr Ronan Farrow, chronicler ex-
traordinaire of exhibitionism's
grownup years, has traced Brett
to a dorm party at Yale, at an
age of legal if not Republican
adulthood. A surviving, dazed
recipient of our Brett's self-
cherishing offer of his play-
thing in her face, has named
herself to Farrow as its un-
receptive hostess. Her memory
is very clear, of his hoisting
up his trousers after the fact,
which will probably exonerate
him on the grounds of respect-
ing its creases. The pants, we
mean. Small wonder, he would go
on to implore Kenneth Starr to
discover how a President had
dealt with the same challenge:
an entirely sensible preoccu-
pation in a pillar of the Law.

All of which leads one to hope,
when the present unpleasantness 
is past, our Brett will enjoy 
the recompense which is his due.
A good stiff one, on the House.

Hey, Judge, borrow your gag?

Who knew, the Senate would become
such a happening place, all of a
sudden, lunging to sanitize the
life of the Party under a gag or-
der of keeping what goes down in
school, in school. Genies in bot-
tles, that kind of thing. Just as
rapist isn't angling for the fish
story unfolding this week, of the
one that got away. No, we're indul-
ging that imaginary line between a
"No," and a "No" so smothered at
the time, and tormented in its re-
lease, that we can tease about it
to encourage male youth everywhere,
to have their way while they can.
Make it all great again, you know?

This Party is not going to relin-
quish, willingly, its nostalgia
to perpetuate all it can, of what
it so long got away with, only to
fashion an election on just that.
Let it discover a choice, denied.