Saturday, September 17, 2016

Who's missing?

I’m going to close my campaign the way 
I have begun my career, and the way I 
will serve as your president should you 
give me that great honor, focused on op-
portunities for kids and fairness for 
families . .

Hillary Rodham Clinton
University of North Carolina

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Take back, "irredeemable"

      I don't know how many people
      there are out there who will
      be unable to vote for a can-
      dilate for office in the Ex-
      ecutive Branch of government
      who designates any Americans
      as "irredeemable," expecting
      to be applauded for it. They
      had better be enormously out-
      numbered by partisans for an
      intolerable moral civil war.

      But this is blackmail, and I
      refuse to support it. To re-
      gret "half," quantitatively,
      and not repent of "all," ut-
      terly, heaps cowardice, eva-
      sion, and further shame upon
      the outrage of hot contempt.

      There are no votes available
      to cast against another soul.

Jeremy Young

Ivan Terestchenko
beach fire, detail

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Origins of Wednesday xxxviii: Assuming red

Cocteau, who said a lot
of things - eventually 
said, outlaws recognize 
each other. It's Wednes-
day. There's still time.

                     Where you headed /
                     bit further along the road /

                     you running / oh I often do
                     / are you

                     meeting someone / yes
                     / who / a stranger / how

                     you recognize each other /
                     in a strange way / strange

                     to both of you / that

                     would   have   been   a
                     problem / it's no longer a
                     problem / no

Anne Carson
Red Doc>
  page 119
Alfred A. Knopf, 2013©
op. cit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Invasion of the miracles ii: another wave

 When last we met our miracles
 of 2016 - the happy reversals
 our campaign currents are nat-
 urally structured to throw us,
 if not often well timed - the
 beaches were welcoming a test
 wave of sympathy, from the un-
 likelier of our candidates. A
 regathering of possibilities,
 biding their time even microb-
 ially, can churn anew our tea
 leaves, to dazzle speculation.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bright people are always saying things


  The weekend has been another
  one of rhetorical intrusion,
  by many too many bright peo-
  ple, yielding the impression
  that a decent place of shade
  is only the direst wish of a
  kind of unlettered misanthro-
  py. Not at all, really. It's
  a ripened hope of Summer, we
  have grown to savor from its
  swing, every lifting thought
  complete without a murmuring.