Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Origins of Wednesday iv

        Eventually, however, a day 
        arrives when conditions be-
        come more fortunate and the 
        tremendous tension decreases; 
        perhaps there are no longer 
        any enemies among one's neigh-
        bors, and the means of life, 
        even for the enjoyment of life, 
        are superabundant. At one stroke
        the bond and constraint of the 
        old discipline are torn: it no
        longer seems necessary, a condi-
        tion of existence - if it per-
        sisted it would only be a form
        of luxury, an archaizing taste.

        I always figured, the con-
        ditions of greater fortune
        this philosopher was talk-
        ing about, were social and
        cultural, not material. He
        expects social change, not
        social mobility. Still, e-
        ven the fortunate can hope
        to be released. 

Friedrich Nietzsche
Beyond Good & Evil
  Prelude to a Philosophy
  of the Future
  What is noble cclxii
Walter Kaufman
  editor & translator
Basic Writings
op. cit.

1879 Hall

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