Thursday, May 2, 2019

Da Vinci at 500

All that would be dignified to say,
of this minor update in the longev-
ity of an imperishable contribution
to humanity by Leonardo da Vinci, 
is that this portrait of an athlete
instantly recalls to every inhabit-
ant of the West (the present govern-
ment excused, for its absence), the
geometric exercise he made famous,
of the figure in the perfection of
a circle. If you or I had to foot-
note the foundation of understanding
a machine of siege warfare; the con-
ception every student of Jesus has,
of his final meeting with his dis-
ciples; the impression every sent-
ient person has, of the inscrutabil-
ity of a smile, we know it isn't so
simple as to cite him. It's that one
learns better every year, not so sor-
didly to measure his influence, as to
accept the vitality of his life. 

Steele Johnson
 x Junfu Han

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Origins of Wednesday xciv: Glad not to be an ingenue

By now, thank heaven, this is all
very old hat. That thunderous ex-
halation of Whew with which we've
greeted the news of Mueller's re-
luctance to embrace Barr's reduc-
tions, masked as mere redactions,
of his conductions of our Presid-
ent on the scaffold of raw facts,
recalls us to that disbelief with
which we received the inside sto-
ry of a misconstruction, forcefed
as our destiny to accept. Surely,
there must be robots, we thought,
who'd stand in for us, who cannot
be bought. Get an idiot to under-

Monday, April 29, 2019

Blasé in extremes

The model, Clément Chabernaud, has
stood in for so many principles at
this page, that he acquired (early
on) a vitrine. We can't be sure if
he has been found here, loitering
with intent, but he certainly does
with inclination, so he might very
well have something up his sleeve,
notwithstanding an air of Indiffér-
Whose nature's drawn to infuse the

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday nibbled sleeve viii: Traps of barefoot construction

We resort to this practice so seldom,
that I retrieve an illustration from
an OSHA manual from the previous cen-
tury, to revive consciousness of the
primary problem. Ignoring the cigar-
ette, a ubiquitous hazard back then,
we find the safety of one's footing
subjected to risk from above and be-
low in the wheelbarrow's nonchalant
progress toward some offscreen rest.
And so we expose ourself to blithe
advice just now, to drop everything
and skip on down impeachment's merry
footpath, as if to some off-loading
of yet another spasm of rectitude.

To be so exhorted by stern piety's
born exemplar, in an excitable New
Englander, was one thing; but now
with the vestal chronicler of The
New Yorker's Watergate reporting,
echoing from that vise, it is cer-
tain that this will be yet another
weekend of very high advertising
costs for breaks in the talk shows.

It's a pity that Ben Hecht's death
Page, has slud into the mud of our
era's dissipation, or we'd all re-
member involuntary manslaughter's
dim exculpation - that the design
of a gun compels its use - as the
unlaughable projection that it is.

Impeachment is a gun which, because
it is showy and noisy, exists to
exploit impetuous sentiment rooted
in opinion's utterly voluntary de-
signs. To be castigated as immoral,
not to rally to its toxic tocsin 
of punitive restoration against a
plain and stark contempt for opin-
ion's impotency to restrain it, is
to plunge the foot into a tenacious
trap of history's surest injury: a
cycle of revenge extending into the
generations, mocking the remedial
allure of dumping its load. It be-
longs to the vise. It's an asset of
the vise, its load and its vessel.
To resort to it so barefootedly as
to lack the means of conviction, is 
to enshrine injurious recklessness.

Look to your Left, look to your Right.
Whose need for its relief is greater?

Le Corbusier