Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dinner for just two, I think

   I laid in a rack of lamb
   from the midwest for the
   election returns, but it
   turned out I'd be dining
   by myself. That protect-
   ed the Vieux Télégraphe,
   but I sacrificed a Saint
   Émilion on spec, violat-
   ing my own maxim against
   a fine wine with any oc-
   casion of its own cachet.

   A simple dinner for two,
   is when to explore them,
   and now I've had this on
   my mind sufficiently for
   tasting it at its pique.

Michael Morgan

Friday, November 11, 2016

What on earth could make one think

          he wasn't simply
          waiting for some
          scrap of soap we
          might share then

Suppose it were Friday cxix: After this week

                           After this week,
I should turn to
friends for what
I had to do, who
never say a word

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Who plays?

         All of this hinges
         on a gyroscope al-
         lowing us to do it
         again, trusting in
         each other's game,
         and asking for it.

         Primitive? Enough.


What comfort

    What comfort to this great decay may come
    Shall be applied .. 
    All friends shall taste
    The wages of their virtue, and all foes
    The cup of their deservings. O see, see!


William Shakespeare
King Lear
  v, iii
ca 1606
George Ian Duthie
John Dover Wilson
The New Shakespeare
Cambridge University Press, 1960©

Don Ryan
Oregon coast

Monday, November 7, 2016

Is taste a human right iv

    What I owe to Donald Trump,
    is the discovery of what is
    owed to rejecting exclusiv-
    ity. I don't feel a buzz of
    being stronger, together. I
    just renounce separation be-
    cause it costs everyone our
    nature. Nothing is so great
    that someone can't discover.

Live from New York: Parsifal in persiflage

Everyone is "powerless" in a
democracy which works; every-
one has no more than one vote. 
And no less. But in this democ-
racy, SNL has been a balsam to pretty much everyone who still 
believes in our Birth Reality - 
and Kate McKinnon, Larry David, 
and Alec Baldwin, along with 
delicious writers, have step-
ped into that void of Jon Stew-
art's retirement with extraor-
dinary generosity of encourage-
ment, stimulation, and consola-
tion. The campaign has been a 
wounding one, and these play-
ers have poured a needed, heal-ing elixir. They did for me.

Arthur King
View from 
  the Manhattan Bridge

Sunday, November 6, 2016

More taffy

You know? I mean, rully.

Does the director of the
most massive and inher-
ently partisan domestic
spy operation condoned
by American law, have no-
thing better to do than
in the People's obvious-
ly vulnerable electoral
melodrama, with missives
on how powerful a fool he
is - all in subtle aid of
posing as the most innoc-
uous little martinet that
he wants to appear to be?

Then at least we have the
right to demand that he
tuck in his shirt. Intim-
idation is vulgar enough,
without spoiling the day.

update, November 8th:
The Question for 
  James Comey
Editorial Board
November 7, 2016©

Save the clock

  As if this campaign had not
  gone long enough, it picked
  up an extra hour somewhere.
  Oh, my loyal clockface. How
  should I ever explain this? 

i  Dominik Sadoch

Blind chance

It was fortunate to encounter
the portrait published Satur-
day, because it helps to re-
call Poland's unyielding abil-
ity to preserve a culture, de-
spite the most horrific tor-
ments of the last 100 years. 

Compromises; yet just to im-
agine developing a child then,
becomes urgent to understand.
Now, as Americans entertain 
the exotically alluring temp-
tation of inflicting similar 
a society in the mold of Fox
News - one naturally must pre-
pare for the prospect of some
generations (while courts are
mended, media reclaimed, par-
ties created, breath resumed)
of utter waste.

How did Europe's ornament get through it?

Timothy Snyder
Basic Books, 2010

Anne Applebaum
Iron Curtain
Doubleday, 2012

Tony Judt
  with Timothy Snyder
Thinking the Twentieth
Penguin Books, 2012

Krzysztof Kieślowski
Blind Chance