Friday, September 21, 2018

Suppose it were Friday clxii: Be it resolved

We are assured that novel methods 
will be adopted, and when we see 
the originality of malice, the in-
genuity of aggression, which our 
enemy displays, we may certainly 
prepare ourselves for every kind 
of novel stratagem and every kind 
of brutal and treacherous maneuver.

to the House of Commons on June 4,
1940 - one American Presidential
term of time, before D-Day - made
plain the quality of an enemy then
in a death grapple with civiliza-
tion as his language had come to
know, indeed to parent it. Famous-
ly promising to fight them on the
beaches, in the fields, and in a
cadence of permutations memorized
by generations of grateful school
boys since, he concluded by fore-
telling a rescue of the Old World
by the New. Recently, the whole
well. A soldier read his speech.

The Senate of the United States
is now the quisling of an unrep-
resentative and self-seeking pow-
er, frantic to deliver a third
branch of the national government
to its clutches for a lifetime.
Recalling Franklin, they had damn

A lifetime, thieved from the na-
tion by an originality of malice
and an ingenuity of aggression,
exploiting every kind of brutal
and treacherous maneuver embed-
ded in its arcane, self-endowed
procedures, seemingly beyond the
resistance of the People it must
dominate, to abuse at will. 

At the same time, Americans con-
into a Hobbesian abyss Churchill
described so long in advance. They
don't expect a rescue of the New
World by the Old. But they see,
they are an island, of a 'roused
and coincidental yeomanry of re-
sistance against misrule in the
subverted halls of their defense.
It's not a movie. It's a language.

Fionn Whitehead

Thursday, September 20, 2018

You gotta love these guys

   It's getting so that our Senate Ju-
   diciary Committee Republicans have
   begun resorting to hand signals to
   profess their courtesy to that oth-
   er gender, in which they don't par-
   ticipate. Bending, one doesn't want
   to say, over-backwards, they frame
   this chivalry in points of an ill-
   clad ultimatum, to a claimant of 
   assault by their Supreme Court nom-
   nee, to show up or shut up without
   any neutral investigation of the
   events she has documented in writ-
   ing. Aren't they pretty, in their
   ostentatious solicitude for facts,
   if only she would just play along?

   They have a timetable to uphold,
   freighted with their right to rule.
   What's the more desperate condition:
   self-entitled aggression under the
   influence, or drunkenness on power?

   You gotta love these guys. They take
   the choice entirely out of our hands.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Origins of Wednesday lxxx: Oasis of the tough guy

It's out there. If one squints
one can see it. The excuse for
this new American government's
loss of credibility in interna-
tional relationships, where it
had been constructively instru-
mental, until being dismantled.

Nowhere respected, nor so much
as trying to be, the new Amer-
ican government's zeal to dim-
inish the nation's position is
at its most fulfilled, to haz-
ard a reasonable guess, in the
to be fair, it would advise a-
rase the name. Call it, peace.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Having doubts?

No, this is not about whether boys
get away with protests with an um-
pire, more than they should. It is
about a finding reported this week-
end in The Times, on an importance
of whiteness, to self-esteem among
adherents of the new American gov-
ernment. It is 300% more defining,
to Americans who don't identify as
churchgoers, than to those who do.

Leave aside, that no one could ev-
er sanely have conceded protection
of his faith to American Republic-
ans. Look, rather, upon the bright
side of faith as a bulwark against
their worst, ever hold upon power.

i   Charlie Auterac

ii  Tom Brenner, photo
     The New York Times
     15 September 2018©