Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Origins of Wednesday xxiii: Recourse

    Whenever skies look gray to me
    And trouble begins to brew
    Whenever the winter winds become too strong


Cole Porter
I concentrate
  on you
Robert Kimball
Cole Porter
  Selected Lyrics
American Poets Project
Library of America, 2006©

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Reprise de pouvoir par la mode

Staging a dramatic scene
means finding conflicts.
It's mathematical: change
a rhythm, immediately you
have an emotion.

Monday was a splendid day.

The American President was
in Havana, incrementally
disseminating a little air
and light upon a decadent
and caustic spat we could
have ended generations ago,
but for the domestic polit-
ical profit to be extracted
from protracting it; while,
on the mainland, the Ameri-
can Israel Public Affairs
Committee [sic] convened a
talent contest in the per-
petuation of rich and long
exploited strains of crisis.

Mrs Clinton, to no one's
of unimpeachable obfusca-
tion of the contours of a
stone whose Excalibur she
refused by denouncing it,
neutrality. Never had that
picaresque rapport between
language lofted so sweetly
its ironic refrain, than in
her proud consecration of the
young to an unctuous despair.

                      There are so many young
                      people here, thousands of
                      college students from hun-
                      dreds of campuses around
                      the country. I think we
                      should all give them a 
                      hand for being here and 
                      beginning their commitment  
                      to this important cause.

Roberto Rossellini

Hillary Rodham Clinton
21 March 2016

Anonymous youth

Raf Simons runway