Thursday, March 7, 2019

Young man of Malibu

A good spot for him. Someone translated
in black chalk in Rome in the early 17th
Century, brought to a promontory off Sun-
set Boulevard in the later 20th, survey-
ing the beaches of Malibu. How well he
does travel, beyond the most glittering
apartments in the city of art. Nice work.

Giovanni Franceso Barbieri
  "Il Guercino"
Studies for a seated
  young man
J. Paul Getty Museum

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Origins of Wednesday lxxxix: A waning ecstasy?

  Students of this American President's
  orgasmic style of governance have of-
  ten wondered if the new default posi-
  tion of their jaw is disbelief's drop
  or delight's exhalation. Bizarre, the
  resemblance which is forged between a
  disciple and a dissident, these days;
  and yet how threatening now, to their
  common confusion, the looming inquiry
  is, to persisting in dissipation. Can
  it be, passivity's train has left the
  station, or is everyone still aboard?