Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday commute clviii: Path of the orange jumpsuit

 All of Washington's agog
 with reports that Mr Man-
 afort has flipt, in that
 parlance of turn-about's
 fair play. Determined to
 eat a peach, a love song
 singer for the headlines
 we're all in. Had anyone
 thought to skip the hunt?

Edgar Dégas
Studio Interior
  with the Steeplechase
ca 1881
Israel Museum

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Inside the phrases ii

So many times we hear a pending
testing can't come soon enough,
that even though we may enjoy a
placid life or cast of mind, an
approaching storm has the power
to make one feel almost ardent,

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Origins of Wednesday lxxix: Caught loitering

Everyone knows somebody who likes
being where he is. Such people do
present what many regard as unwar-
ranted demands on the safety nets,
so lavishly deployed by our sever-
al layers of government to rescue
the incorrigible. Like their defi-
ance of inclement weather or hos-
tile fault lines, however, their
recalcitrance toward official ad-
vice structures a game of risk we
take no trouble to ignore. Unsafe
affections test no nerve of their
own, only ours. They are our part.

Monday, September 10, 2018

A storm is just a storm

One never discounts, in these days
of spluttering American governance,
the prospect of a scriptural under-
standing of our climate's positive
on lines. Florence will be a storm
to quell the nay-sayers, decreed a
long time ago by an incendiary veg-
etable, known only to the Saved in
our midst. The nay-sayers, denying
climate-change denial, may be par-
doned for being bored, by a sermon
for precipitating fake weather, at
the very revelation of the shrub's
infallible witness to God's wrath.

But if bored, the nay-sayers simp-
sanity. Meanwhile, we have a storm.