Friday, October 12, 2018

You will grow up to be marvelous

A couple of predators, not always
our favorite character, especial-
ly given how they stack the odds,
and prey without any literal nec-
essity. Still, what comes down to
breeding and obedience in the one
is more a function of cunning and
exploitation in the other, and in
time there is little to call mar-
velous in him. In the other, how-
ever, a readiness to be judged is
entirely off the charts in trust.

What an extravagance, we observe;
an enviable, dangerous mentality.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Melting sovereignty

To many of us, the gathering data
of unwonted volatility and degrad-
ation in the planet's climate re-
main no more than symbolically co-
incidental with the rise of the
New American Government. To some,
there are elements of correlation
to admire, because this Rome had
not been built in a day. To a man
stepping out with his dog for a
pre-sunrise walk in the North Am-
erican Mid-Atlantic, an unseason-
able tropicality of the humid rain
from the Gulf of Mexico set a jar-
ring counterpoint to the falling
of acorns in their path. How odd,
one does have to admit, that in a
pentecostal surge of nativism in
world politics, our diverse ter-
roirs are intermingling with a
radicalism that many will find,
ironic, but which some have long
been charting as coherent effects.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Origins of Wednesday lxxxii: What is one to do with this?

I'm not very happy with how well
the New American Government out-
fought all resistance in the el-
evation of its obvious perjurer-
partisan to the post-sacrosanct
Supreme Court. It is especially
dispiriting to find resistance
not merely strategically incap-
acitated, but more stunningly
self-absorbed than the narcis-
list it's resisting. We contem-
plate our powers of revulsion
and indignation more ostenta-
tiously, but less pointedly
than the other side regards
theirs, as if we could win a
contest of taste, to gain our
illusions back. We could more
plausibly do that by knocking
back a melon full of hooch on
the beach, if we wish to dream.

On the day in 1940, when Brit-
ain had substantially cleared
a beach in France of her Army,
Winston Churchill went down to
the House of Commons to promise
never to surrender. That night,
he wrote a short note to his
predecessor-but-one, Baldwin,
to be even more blunt. We are
going through very hard times,
but I feel quite sure better
days will come; though whether
we shall live to see them is 
more doubtful. To read our 
generation of commentators,
our diapers are wet, and we
deserve to be changed right
now. Our nemesis has thought
in terms of decades, and de-
spite the most monstrous de-
formity ever to take its lead,
has routed us all by constancy.

It is immaterial in the contest
to be more deserving. It is im-
material to inherit a grievance.
It is immaterial to linger in
elegant dissonance. Prettiness
is for débutantes, correctness
is for schoolmarms. If anyone
wills a battle, he must accept
not living to see its triumph.
It is the only way to know it.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Younger's not so bad

So the demagogues give us
more to do, because they
truly can do nothing else.
Which would you have: bore-
dom like that, or diverse

Giovanni Dopico

Sunday, October 7, 2018

What happened to you?

Oh, nothing, thank you for asking.
I'd say, let's not talk about it. 

Who hasn't noticed, exhibiting ban-
dages, what a disturbance they are
to the well-intended, not to say a-
rousing, in all the wrong ways? We
notice especially the curiosity of
the children, whose natural reac-
tion of fear is seldom allayed by
a kindly wave or a smile. But with
all the evidence pointing to a prob-
ability that we're a monster, with
divine disfavor so obvious, revul-
sion is a risk among all the immat-
ure. To the guilty, it's no longer
a pleasure: less stimulating than
annoying. And that's our beginning. 

Gerard Sabé