Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday commute clxi: Holidays against type

    The phrase throttles the throat
    which utters it, as humiliating
    tautology. Yet, we can imagine
    characters in Forster, wandering
    from pensione to pensione, in a
    cocoon, wrapped up in a gondola,
    on a single, cluttered canal, ex-
    periencing that extraction which
    the holiday must be, as a restor-
    ation of timidity. Slip Maggie
    Smith into the craft, and you'd
    almost row for free. Someone has
    to substitute for Helena Bonham
    Carter, who leapt out, oars ago.
    Watch the film again. I've been.
    It doesn't go so far as Venice,
    but it does suggest, one might. 

James Ivory
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
E.M. Forster
Ismail Merchant
Goldcrest et al, 1986©

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tinkle, tinkle, media star

 You and I, involuntary stakeholders as
 we are, in the conduct of the American
 Presidency - whether hailing from Char-
 lottesville or Abbéville - could only
 gasp in wondering delight when the no-
 toriously female San Franciscan tidied
 up her Oval Office host, changing his
 nappies for no extra charge. To relive
 any one moment of her catechism on fact-
 speaking, so risks that dissolution in
 its absorbent lace as to foil the foil
 how the world did weep for the hilarity
 of the sight, of the haplessly incontin-
 ent misogynist's being exhibited in his
 own crib, for the boasting, taunting bul-
 ly his Republican godfathers insulate
 from justice. There has always been an
 underlying odor of infancy in our vaude-
 villian taste for slapstick, but never
 let it be said, the genre lacks revenge.

 Still, the last word was best reported
 capturing the synopsis offered by the
 Senate Minority Leader, a New Yorker -
 When the President brags that he won
 North Dakota .., he's in real trouble.