Friday, September 2, 2016

Home town, quiet weekend

one can muse in fresh air where no one will know

John Dugdale

man with cups

ndemina tumblr
bay bridge and coffee

Christopher Paskowski

Abel van Oeveren

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Clink clink

   The telling sound of summer
   descending a staircase, re-
   luctantly to provision each
   foot with a supply of socks

  while somewhere
  else it's warm-
  ing. Toot toot.

Werner Bischof

Abel van Oeveren

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The things we know

  Keep us.

Diana Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor
Toronto HIV hospice

"I am the 'I.' And I am the 'Y.'"

    Izzy Yereshevsky is one
    of the great portraits in
    bootstrap American lore.
    admired from Moscow and
    the 26th floor, Ukraine.

    Two initials, he once ex-
    plained, sound responsible.
    His I & Y cigar store at
    49th and Seventh Avenue
    closed only for atonement.
    I ran into a spunky cheeky
    capitalist over the week-
    end, back from 3 years in
    Paris, of no acquaintance
    with Liebling. I expected
    our inheritors to be brash,
    but au moindre to acquire
    a regard for their own ash.

    Izzy stays open because of 
    the night-club trade and he 
    gets the night-club trade 
    because he stays open.


A.J. Liebling
The Jollity Building
  Broadway Storekeeper
The Library of America
  The Sweet Science
  and Other Writings
Literary Classics, 2009©

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Leave it to Louis Vuitton

Our francophone fabricator of trunk show fantasies has collaborated with Eugene O'Neill in this political season's revival of The Ice Man Cometh, and half of Greenwich Village -
the nice half, Dear - is agog with acquisitive lubricity. 'Tis the season for hacking, and the crate of transparency is in vogue: the Weiners are chipping off their picaresque marriage again, the clever Foundation is frantically thawing away its pollution, and the carnival barking bartender cannot keep delirium tremulous enough. Again the theatre compels the question, for any electorate witted half or more, How much can you bear to know? Who, then, doesn't turn to the consolations of consumption, and where better than to LVMH?


Louis Vuitton
Spring/Summer 2016

Alice Boughton
Eugene O'Neill

Jean-Christophe Agnew
Worlds Apart
  The Market and the Theatre
  in Anglo-American Political
  Thought, 1550-1750
Cambridge University Press, 1986©

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's it going to do to travel?

 I was only wondering, if we
 start subjecting travelers
 to stylistic interrogatories

 for the Mozart at Drottning-
 holm Court State Theatre?

Blacksmith's Eye
Hawthorn blooming