Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Leave it to Louis Vuitton

Our francophone fabricator of trunk show fantasies has collaborated with Eugene O'Neill in this political season's revival of The Ice Man Cometh, and half of Greenwich Village -
the nice half, Dear - is agog with acquisitive lubricity. 'Tis the season for hacking, and the crate of transparency is in vogue: the Weiners are chipping off their picaresque marriage again, the clever Foundation is frantically thawing away its pollution, and the carnival barking bartender cannot keep delirium tremulous enough. Again the theatre compels the question, for any electorate witted half or more, How much can you bear to know? Who, then, doesn't turn to the consolations of consumption, and where better than to LVMH?


Louis Vuitton
Spring/Summer 2016

Alice Boughton
Eugene O'Neill

Jean-Christophe Agnew
Worlds Apart
  The Market and the Theatre
  in Anglo-American Political
  Thought, 1550-1750
Cambridge University Press, 1986©


  1. Funny how nobody gives a damn about the wretched Foundation four years ago or, for that matter, the previous four relevant years Mrs. C was at State. Now, suddenly, everybody's indignant about charity, oh-so-outraged over bad optics of good deeds. If all you lot had only met the beneficiaries of the Foundation, you would have at least known to shut up. But of course, none of you would ever be caught dead in Malawi. Oh, well, at least Dante's inferno awaits you. I can live with that.

    1. I'm not quite sure whether you are concerned more about not knowing about conflicts of interest until this year, or about Dante's being more inevitable than Malawi's inferno. We shall all be informed, sometime, I suppose. So, as you say, why hurry.