Saturday, July 13, 2019

Moving again, white

We rediscover that the problem of
the whites is that they shift, or
are subject to shifts in various
adventitious illuminations (inter-
pretive sources, if you like), and
their assimilation anywhere is on-
ly transitory. Oh, here we go again,
although the pluralism of the condi-
tion commands little to no sympathy.
Plop the whites in a garden, thrust
them into the street or the sky, and
their variation is dismissed as vain.

Eventually, however, there may come 
a relocation, a move, which acquaints
the itinerant white with ages of fal-
sification by pigmentation. Could it
be, that reinscriptions of a hue are
created in these mobilizations, less
aggregating themselves than finally
exposing their distortion? What was
the matter with Aeneas, do you sup-
pose, to have recorded no conscious-
ness of his whiteness in his travels,
if not the wit not to believe in it?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Moving again, painting

What to hang, what to show, and
how to do it are questions that
may have been laid by for such
a long time, to confront them a-
gain is surprising enough, that
their surprise is, surprise has

The answers really are not iden-
tical in every place, but is the
new place a repeal of experience
or yet more of it? I've been rum-
maging through former solutions,
either lived or observed, to less
avail in guidance than one would
have thought, given how expedient
they seemed at the time. Then it
can begin to seem possible, that
one endows the frame of one's
domicile with too much purpose,
if not imagined purpose; but in
a condition of having choices, 
it seems somewhat fundamental to
understand what they mean, what
they can do, their limitation as
illusions against happenstance.

Claude Picasso
  x Richard Avedon
Richard Avedon Foundation©