Friday, August 3, 2012

Suppose it were Friday lxiv: We accept

Got weather?

We have our first
Friday of another
year, and we have
not finished with

      Who can toll the
      passionate educa-
      tion, the journey
      of stars through
      heaven? And there
      are restaurants
      still to mortify,
      English dogs to
      emulate, and mar-
      gin calls on san-
      ity from Washing-



The blank slate recommends 
itself, a stirring pagina-
tion in the sequence of its
buttons. Changing weather
respond; we have Friday,
constant in novation. This
is red mug, blue linen,
under development.



Antonio Vivaldi
Violin Concerto in E
  Third Movement, Allegro
Neville Marriner, ASMF
Decca, 1972©

iv   Clément Chabernaud for Cerruti
v    Photography Valéry Lorenzo

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guys are feeling as if they should be at school

There'd be dormitories,
emptying, and bicycles
and cars dispersing to
the nearest water and
over this land. Nobody'd
want to see another's
face, but nobody'd want
to lay his head anywhere
else tonight. With every-
thing else that will be
said of Gore Vidal, none
of us will forget the vir-
tuosity in pleasure and
its portrayal, that he
showed as the prize of
a passionate education.

How easily we could spell if we could follow,
Like thread looped through the eye of a needle,
The grooves of light. It resists. But we stay behind, among them,
The injured, the adored.

John Ashbery
Many Wagons Ago
  As We Know
Collected Poems
  1956 - 1987
op. cit.