Friday, August 3, 2012

Suppose it were Friday lxiv: We accept

Got weather?

We have our first
Friday of another
year, and we have
not finished with

      Who can toll the
      passionate educa-
      tion, the journey
      of stars through
      heaven? And there
      are restaurants
      still to mortify,
      English dogs to
      emulate, and mar-
      gin calls on san-
      ity from Washing-



The blank slate recommends 
itself, a stirring pagina-
tion in the sequence of its
buttons. Changing weather
respond; we have Friday,
constant in novation. This
is red mug, blue linen,
under development.



Antonio Vivaldi
Violin Concerto in E
  Third Movement, Allegro
Neville Marriner, ASMF
Decca, 1972©

iv   Clément Chabernaud for Cerruti
v    Photography Valéry Lorenzo

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