Friday, November 2, 2018

Who would create a country

        whose asylum
        would not be

        where no new
        would make a

        and said: we
        can be pari-

        and name our
        desert truly




Suppose it were Friday clxvi: And hotter than we knew

          I live with a lot
          of information I
          was free to deny.

          I don't think one
          can respect a sol-
          icitation to do so.

          I also never fig-
          ured that's what
          my freedom's for.

          I will vote as if
          reality were true,
          even though a gift.



Thursday, November 1, 2018

"Very fine people on both sides"

In one lane, Cecil Rosenthal,
and in the other, his brother
David. Finally validating the 
soothing findings of the Amer-
ican President after 2017's
antisemitic carnival in Char-
lottesville, both sides now
were innocent, humble, honest
people of faith and decency,
parted only by wrongful death.

Or was there more than that
kind of death, they died --
some alternative fact of it -
some wing nut radiant glow -
some proof that guns do not
kill, some foundation for a
Vice President's stuffing
down their throat his con-
version therapy of Jesus, at
this instant of their soul?

Time is now to keep faith with 
that faith, against oppressive
fondling. Let their way be cher-
ished for their discoveries,
and such love as our security.

ii  Jan Beran, 1945

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Origins of Wednesday lxxxiv: Fieldcrest moments we have known

In the waning hours of the New
American Government's farce of
terror upon its People, it be-
came obvious that its lunging
grip could not hold through
more than a single news cycle,
before lurching into comical
exculpations, dwindling into
renunciations of any true in-
tent. Not that the damage it
inflicted, along this lurch-
ing way, had been trivial; it
had been, but for a few zeal-
ots within and outside a piñ-
ata of an inner circle, in-
sincere, little more than a
country/western ballad scam,
a Saudi Arabian sword dance.

Army brigades dispatched here,
citizenship cleansings there,
thrills and trills of faux de-
spair. It was always the money.

ii:  Tom Bianchi
      Polaroid series

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In haste

         back soon

Enthusiasts for the innocuously dismissive phrases of America at mid-Century - which reached something of a peak in the literary event known as Where did you go? Out. What did you do? Nothing - have only a protracted childhood to blame, for pursuing the game of sequestering meaning in plain sight. It challenges a bleakness of the present, of many asserting secretive privilege, and nobody much enjoying any. We lack an age of innocence. 

Possibly the President doesn't see himself as a dog whistler, but just a flirtatious child.

iii  Doug Mills

      The New York Times©

Monday, October 29, 2018

Do we still keep children in this country?

We apprehend that the President
will visit a city in agony with
a crisis brought into it by ig-
noble and vulgar illusion, with
strategies of rebellion direct-
ed there for processes of elim-
ination. In a box drawn-in, Ab-
raham Lincoln struggles to that
stage he'd have to mount, to be
heard by every child born here,
or welcomed later as our child,
in words of purpose and succor.

It is certain, we hear him now.

At Gettysburg, Lincoln was firm
in waging a campaign which must
not flinch from victory; so the
shock of his enlisting mankind
in that commitment swept every
reservation aside. Such is the
task of his successor, to press
forward for the redemption of a
nation, by embracing its singu-
larity. Who will open our em-
braces to the children of that
spirit, to defend their deliv-
erance, to champion us in time?

Sunday, October 28, 2018