Monday, November 7, 2016

Live from New York: Parsifal in persiflage

Everyone is "powerless" in a
democracy which works; every-
one has no more than one vote. 
And no less. But in this democ-
racy, SNL has been a balsam to pretty much everyone who still 
believes in our Birth Reality - 
and Kate McKinnon, Larry David, 
and Alec Baldwin, along with 
delicious writers, have step-
ped into that void of Jon Stew-
art's retirement with extraor-
dinary generosity of encourage-
ment, stimulation, and consola-
tion. The campaign has been a 
wounding one, and these play-
ers have poured a needed, heal-ing elixir. They did for me.

Arthur King
View from 
  the Manhattan Bridge

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