Thursday, September 15, 2016

Take back, "irredeemable"

      I don't know how many people
      there are out there who will
      be unable to vote for a can-
      dilate for office in the Ex-
      ecutive Branch of government
      who designates any Americans
      as "irredeemable," expecting
      to be applauded for it. They
      had better be enormously out-
      numbered by partisans for an
      intolerable moral civil war.

      But this is blackmail, and I
      refuse to support it. To re-
      gret "half," quantitatively,
      and not repent of "all," ut-
      terly, heaps cowardice, eva-
      sion, and further shame upon
      the outrage of hot contempt.

      There are no votes available
      to cast against another soul.

Jeremy Young

Ivan Terestchenko
beach fire, detail

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