Friday, March 13, 2015

Return wall radical

I don't pretend to
enunciate principles
of exhibition here,
and for that matter
some of my happier
spoofs have been of
such edicts and ukas-
es which proliferate
in places about rooms.

Still, I admire those
who ponder these mat-
ters, whereas I reduce
them shamelessly to in-

Where would my radic-
als be appropriately un-
predicted and punctuat-
ing, to conserve the re-
freshing singularity or
spontaneity of their in-
congruous intervention,
if not on a short inter-
ior wall placed at right
angles to a long one, as
in an enclosed staircase,
fireplace, or partition?

I'm mulling it over. It
seems the real character
of my living spaces is
supported in inverse pro-
portion to the plinth of
its display, and the dis-
tance from which it is 
perceived. It isn't that
I design, it just happens.

round the same corner, 
once again, and this is
just enough to excite a
sense of mystery, to per-
This is the ultimate el-
ement for me, of the un-
predicted, the punctuat-
ing, the refreshing, the
singular, the spontaneous
and incongruous. Not ev-
erything has to be, for
this is not much space.

  drawing/digital print