Thursday, February 5, 2015

Gérard and the conservation of sport

      The sibilant grip of Keds
      on planks, their echo upon
      the humid tiles of scholas-
      tic gyms, and a well-tuned
      bounce of the precisely in-
      flated toy were nothing to
      Gérard, next to the fric-
      ative gasp of the net's de-
      light to disgorge a swish-
      ing dunk. But they were at-
      tuned completely to his
      pleasure. What drove Gé-
      rard to relocate basket-
      ball practice to the lobby
      was certainly not the cold
      comforts of its travertine.

It was, that with its lower baskets and shal-lower court distances, the lobby remedied the absurd eugenic descent of the game into a curiosity shop for hyped extrem-ities, now normalised in favor of everyone's dis-play of its underlying skills: playing fair. 

                  As in his all-nighter in the 
                  loading dock, Gérard's public-
                  spirited gesture was met with 
                  patronising bafflement, at his 
                  chronic maladjustment to decay.


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