Friday, February 6, 2015

Suppose it were Friday ci: Paean to the pampas

 The Dutch in old Amsterdam
 do it,
 Not to mention the Finns,
 Folks in Siam do it,
 Think of Siamese twins.


  Some Argentines, without means,
  do it

  People say, in Boston, even beans
  do it ..

 It's Friday, the moon 
 is still very large, 
 and the skies truly
 brighten in the cold 
 of the evening. It is 
 impossible to ignore 
 a ribald, irreverent, 
 rabelaisian charge we
 blame on the air. One
 likes about this, not
 the science for it -
 which is there - or
 the endearing euphem-
 ism about it - which
 is rampant - but the
 celebration of affec-
 tion for a flux, much
 under stress. Let us,
 by all means, fall in 
 love. It is on the air.

               But when the thermometer goes way up
               And the weather is sizzling hot,
               Mister Gob
               For his squab,
               A marine
               For his queen,
               A G.I.
               For his cutie-pie
               Is not,
               'Cause it's too, too,
               Too darn hot ..

Paul Barge

Cole Porter
Let's Do It,
  Let's Fall in Love
Warner Brothers, 1928©
Kiss Me, Kate
  Too Darn Hot
Cole Porter, 1949©

Robert Kimball
Cole Porter: Selected Lyrics
American Poets Project
op. cit.

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