Thursday, December 29, 2011

Notes of a gentleman traveler i

       I got a note from a friend
       in Sidney this morning, 
       declaring the place to be 
       in Summer. I had to check 
       the date: postmarked last 

 Was this 
 very nice?

Moreover, I come to find out, this
is true for the whole island. So,
now we have this continent, if you
will, which is not only a full day
ahead of us, but two whole seasons.
And why wasn't I told? This must be
like some puberty thing, I wasn't 
supposed to know about, a lower half
spinning totally off the planet and
I, utterly in the dark. I greatly
hope this is not the case for Africa;
it could unhinge Suez. Yes, and then
where should we all be?

iii  Derek


  1. did the friend invite you for a visit? if not, then he is truly cruel indeed! :D

  2. Yes, of course, but I don't think one should chance a landing on such a speedy place; imagine, stepping off an aerial liner after 18 hr under compression of one kind and another, only to be slapt to the deck under speed - and no, it's no good mentioning Isaac Newton to me on this matter. He did all his work on an island which hasn't budged since the Norman conquest. Or was that the year it drifted off?

  3. funny you should mention newton, since his birthday was just a few days ago according to a certain calendar. still, i hear you: you prefer to take things nice and slow. ;)

  4. Adore! I am on an island that might just drift off. I love the last photograph almost as much as I would love to feel the summer sun; right now.

  5. Yes, Barbara, isn't that the most wonderful picture? I credit the thing for the entire jest. Thank you for stopping at this little anchorage in your holiday week & best of the new year ~

  6. Dear Linnea ~ how soon we forget that you know not only about the cold, but about Oz. You could have warned us, you know. You really could have.

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