Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Refrain for New Hampshire

     Though they portray it with lies
     I shall understand this world.
     I shall be free in this world.
     Though they mock me for my learning
     I shall be at peace in this world.
     Though they tempt me to be selfish
     I shall love this world.

     I shall cast my vote in this world.
     Though they would silence me with contempt

     Nor shall they corrupt my soul,
     To condemn me to their ways.


  1. "the Grapes of Wrath", and I hope that you keep this peculiarity to which I adhere.
    All the nectar of the best !

  2. The same, certainly, to you, Valéry ~ and thank you for so many occasions of our adhesion to your beautiful vision and craft. If there is any nectar of the best poured here, it will be into one of the several glasses you once arrayed on a tablecloth in a breeze in the sunlight in a garden, a masterpiece of joy, among many.