Friday, December 30, 2011

Suppose it were Friday xlix: Compassion of the diligent reader

Never let it be said,
a blogger walks alone,
unmourned between posts.
At least not, where the
travels of a gentleman
pertain so anxiously to
the acceleration of an
to our aid, if not to
the general comfort, we
are sent this reminder
of Australia's rapport
with the Tasman strait,
the Cook Sea, to say
nothing of the pendan-
cy of bejeweled India.

Be the print ever so
fine, there does come
a scholar to unearth it.

Tierra del Fuego, may I
say, needs no confirma-
tion here. Mr Chatwin
was there for us all:

What shall we think
of a people who defined
'monotony' as 'an ab-
sence of male friends'?

Bruce Chatwin
In Patagonia
  64: The Dictionary
Simon & Schuster, 1977©

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