Saturday, February 7, 2015

Marionette diplomacy

The Speaker of the United States
is an office, like Chief Justice
of the United States, which is
depicted by our Constitution as
embedded in more than the insti-
tution over which it presides. 

In the case of the Speaker, the
office is third in line of suc-
cession to the Presidency of the
United States.

We discovered recently, how much
the present Speaker is willing
to transform that office into
one dancing on the strings of a
foreign nation. He has done no
favour to that nation, while the
Speaker is revealed as unworthy
of this one, and a grave risk to
the foundation of our relations
with any nation that would com-
ply with this happening to us.

If the foundation of Never again
is the right of national self-
determination, it's a pity that
the Speaker doesn't care for it.

Meanwhile, the sordid excuses
of his Party for this treason
embrace that odd entanglement.
We don't go too far to identify
their brownshirt politics with

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