Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Origins of Wednesday xii: L'amour, the insanity defense

  I'd be prepared to be a
  good deal merrier, giv-
  en the nature of my pri-
  vate day. But who knew?
  The week was not 2 days
  old when the Republican
  leadership disseminated
  its telltale vapours of
  superstition - against
  this time - and steeped
  themselves in their 56th
  vote in the lower house
  against a right of ac-
  cess to health insur-
  ance, against 12 million
  new subscribers. Fumings
  of tropical tie-bred um-
  brage, our ick factor in
  excelsis: the ooze was on.

  Fumes we could chew, to 
  make even a Dixie carbon
  fetishist blush, signal-
  ling that the Party's
  infamous insanity test
  for leadership had come
  full circle as an insan-
  ity defense, for wanking
  on C-SPAN -- to reward,
  they were reported say-
  ing, their base. But we
  hear our priests, a fair
  amount, denouncing their
  flock as a temptress. Can 
  no one advise them, that
  with a foreplay this ad-
  vanced already, by St Val-
  entine's Day, there'll be
  too few left to deceive?

Taylor Cowan

United States capitol
The Washington Post©
30 January 2015

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