Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memo to the architect ii

Thank god, they built it.

Photography by Laurent
Scan of an ancient damaged print
results in a simile of the architect's rendering,
more than of the built edifice, which is beloved.
Jonas Salk Institute, La Jolla, California
Leica M-4, 50mm Summicron, morning, 1979


  1. Your work (all of it) is haunting. In the best way, sir.

    Thank god you took it.

    Greatly wondering,


  2. Again you are kind to share an impression with which I had nothing to do, but to stand there by inadvertency, in your place.

    I detest (respectfully - if that is not too paradoxical) the very concept of a shrine, for oneself, because that can dull curiosity. In any event one has gone to shrines for that purpose.

    The radiant germ of this wondrous place - and shockingly, of its expression in architecture - is curiosity. You, as you may very well know, can go there to be refreshed in this project of having to know, and reconciled, too, to the trust and prayer that others may precede you in what they find.

    I have never doubted, this is the greatest public building on the North American continent.