Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On "caring more about each other than the music"

In the previous posting, an abandoned disc jockey who has lately moved into iPhone arbitrage for night spots was heard to lament a decadent tendency in his clients, to care about each other. In last month's rondelay for gaye we witnessed this effect in people to look out for each other, whether at play or under adversity. 

Yet still they dance, and still they row, and still they draw more from each other than they can be told. Against this intractable effrontery, the world is full of professions, grandiose or hip as they may be, which chronically seem to suppose that the study of Latin is for Latin, that ownership of office space commends its occupancy, or that its food is the excuse for the restaurant. Perhaps we gave them that idea. Perhaps we can help them out of it.

Campanile and Parade, San Francisco, June 1990
Photography by Laurent


  1. your photos, especially these right now: unforgettable, existing in all time

    many thanks

  2. You're very kind to offer these compliments and I thank you very much, but I'm afraid that in an effort to identify a photo I did make, I never thought that images from the 'public domain' of the web would not stand out. My photograph is only the first one in this sequence, of the Parade. I'll do my best to clear this up for others.

  3. not a big deal. it's a heavenly mix. says so much about caring more about each other. that's what matters.