Friday, August 6, 2010

I promessi sposi

Morning on California Street, at the foot of the cable car line. 

The title refers to Manzoni's great national testament, on the trials of a young couple through separation, unrest, conflict, and even plague. It is why we have the Verdi Requiem.

The betrothed are saying their good-bye on the red granite plaza of 101 California Street. The architect was Philip Johnson.

Preface to the biography of a chair.


  1. this image makes me very happy

    for love


  2. This comment makes me very sanguine for it. As a denizen of that sidewalk of some duration, I can tell you the sight was not unprecedented, but that the arrival of a skyscraper by Philip Johnson lent a distinct panache to its occurrence. But it is a suspicion of this blog, that an exemplary architecture can influence and inspire a disposition toward cherishings of beauty. We certainly know, it can do so with drearier sentiments.

    I thank you for your comment.