Saturday, August 7, 2010

A seat in San Francisco ii

I in my ultima sedia

Benevolence of the Pacific Ocean, tempered and burnished indefinitely, thence to be disposed by gracious happenstance to intrigue an English dog.

She did not belong to me, but was the aunt of my first English Cocker, yet unborn, lent to me for exercise I needed more than she. 

Named for a heroine in Henry James and Scott Fitzgerald, whelped Santa Barbara 1990, 8 months previously. I adored her.

I live now with her grand-nephew, Whit.


  1. little nearer or dearer to my heart as dogs are everywhere today at little a. there is special meaning in an ancestral knowing of dogs- true family heirloom, better than any chair unless made of sand? wonderful photograph.

  2. Yes, I observed that you were in fine company over there!

    The photo, which I clearly did not make, gives inadequate notice of the driftwood which was one's true seat, but I realised that the suggestion of one's placement on sand would work just as well - so I'm glad you think so. And yes, certainly, the descent of the dog is very material to the formation of his rapport with the household; Whit's uncle was here to nurture his development, as Whit will look after another some day, the fates' willing.