Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More dark news from the Borough

Not to mock the greatest opera in the English language, for the purpose of posting a General Alarm that Grimes seems to be at his business again, of disposing of the innocent for his own purposes at sea, we have been put on notice that the lives and quite possible loves of two defenseless figures are the sport of a new film. This will never end, of course, this DJ-like assertion of "artistry" on the backs of others' inventions. But it doesn't hurt to respond to the occasion, not with that flat rejection of gossip under the auspices of nourishment which would deprive us all of necessary dish; but with derision for the illumination of an absolutely common narrative by the glamour of the dead. Now, that carries necromancy into greater contempt for the living than one hopes the traffic will bear.

Image, Sony Classics
Source, The New York Review of Books  

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