Monday, August 2, 2010

With thanks to Ivan Terestchenko


By: Mark Rudman
University Press of New England, 1999

What's the use of a Midsummer Night's Dream
without trampolines?

A diffuse, undirected aroma wafts through Venice tonight.

Perhaps the gods have not abandoned
these cathedral vaults.
The bells ring on time.
Eternal time.

Dreams surpassing explanations.


for the same reasons.

"There is no falling here . . ."

I have this sense that I am surrounded
by people falling in love with each other again,
familiars finding new qualities to marvel at---
as if they hadn't allowed their gaze to light on
their chosen mates for centuries.

Not years?

No, millennia.

Shadows in the dream green light.
Canal ripple.

Who did the lighting?

My legs and feet can't keep pace with my desires.

Don't be ashamed. The water's there to foster illusions.


  1. Laurent, Your photographs have a timeless quality-the black and white format is part but there is something else illusive and wonderful about them.

  2. Thanks vastly, LA. I recommend a gentle, rolling pitch beneath one's feet, an unsteady hand, a slow shutter, and low light. Still, the Leica will defeat some part of this prescription in the end. I used it 'cause it smelled so good.

  3. Oh yes the angels where with you. a whole flock of them too. Your photos are really beautiful, I much agree with LA, the subject is also close to my heart. Merci pour la dedicace. J'en suis infiniment touché.