Monday, February 2, 2015

Too bad we have Gail Collins

  I just wanted to say,
  before it becomes im-
  polite ever to extract
  humor again, from for-
  getting what one had
  been going to say, I
  still enjoy the mind-
  sweeping calamity of

  comic writing. Period.
  Zip excuses. Gail Col-
  lins, a publishing
  phenomenon using the
  suspiciously allit-
  erative name of a
  possibly real person,
  can sometimes make
  one weep in gales of
  laughter's misadven-
  ture, forgetfulness.

  I do sense, we're ap-
  proaching the end of
  permission for such
  interferences, so for
  now I hope collisions 
  of drone pizzas con-
  tinue to splat us o-
  verhead, as quoting
  Republicans verbatim
  sprinkles tears of
  levity, our way

Gail Collins
The Days of Wine
  and Droning
The New York Times©
29 January 2015

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