Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gérard barred from Roland Garros

No dogmatic adherent of the 
Fall of Man school of sartor-
ial policing, himself - 
remembered by us all, in fact, 
for teasing the fine line be-
tween treachery and liberty in 
Gérard nevertheless recoils from 
tennis’ fatal overreaction to the 
immaculate whites of Bill Tilden, 
the blithe panache of René Lacoste, 
the marmoreal valour of the Finzi-
Contini’s, for that matter, in their 
banishment's redoubt. You’d almost 
think, we’ve heard him muse, they 
do it for the money.

flaunting the fattest, lurid Rolex 
he can find, practitioners of tennis 
now were bent, he truly feared, on 
forcing clashing catamarans to front 
a sponsor corporation, on what used 
to be a genial game. The iconoclastic 
lust to deny to others what they like 
was flashed before his eyes by Vittorio 
de Sica, in the arrogant brush of the 
fascist leather trenchcoat through the 
Dottore’s library, arresting the whole 
household as much for sensibility as 
hereditary faith. 

Now tennis, now sailing: why do they 
mock their favourite crimes, and per-
petrate such blight, denying us gen-
tility in camouflage of spite? 

Vittorio de Sica, director
Giorgio Bassani, book
Giancarlo Bartolini Salimbeni,
  art direction
Il giardino dei Finzi-Contini

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