Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Is Paris burning?

 The German Chancellor's anxious cry,
 on his armies' evacuation of Paris
 in 1944, could not have been more
 desperate or more shrill than the
 American President's demand of his
 Oklahoman custodian of federal fu-
 els policy, to know if he had yet
 quashed the nation's leadership in
 global climate protection, the cen-
 terpiece of his vindictive erasure
 of the achievements of his Black
 predecessor. More than his loathe-
 some dignity, more than his meas-
 ured reasonableness, more than his
 infuriating acceptance of reality,
 every trace of his predecessor's
 identification with civilization
 must be more than avenged; it must
 be contradicted. Is Paris next?

Alexander Calder
Four Planets

Pierre Lescot
Palais du Louvre

I.M. Pei
Grand Entrance