Monday, August 30, 2010

"I thought we might be able to talk, you and I"

You see, it is not enough to accuse
yourself in order to clear yourself...

One must accuse oneself in a certain way, which it took me considerable time to perfect. I did not discover it until
I fell into the most utterly forlorn

Moreover, we cannot assert the innocence
of anyone, whereas we can state with
certainty the guilt of all. Every man
testifies to the crime of all the others.

Albert Camus, The Fall, 1956
Monochrome, Hedi Slimane


  1. And talk we shall - about a photo the beauty of which belies the threat implicit in the whole.

  2. Yes, the paradox of that photograph has always struck me, too, which must account for its longtime storage here. But for talk, dear BRH, I absolutely can not wait. :)