Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Commute

The mechanics of amourous vassalage 
require a fathomless futility.

Mais, le samedi. C'est à nous.

Roland Barthes
A Lover's Discourse, 1977


  1. Just back from a midnight swim in a lake nearby.
    Il faut montrer son cul a la lune. and so did I.

  2. Well, then it's a snap of the Prize Towel at your fair tanlined form, and jammies to collect your thoughts lest they become too warm.

  3. Just as my futile and embarrassing infatuation with Australian surfers was beginning to wane you post these images! What is a land-locked soul to do?

  4. Your picture certainly caught my attention this morning as I was trawling through my usual reads. I shall certainly "have a nice day". Thanks.

  5. Thank you, HB, for compliments I'm beginning to feel belong to the beholder, after all.
    And Columnist, if that were my picture, I'd be just as confident of having a nice day, or at least of deserving one.
    But WE, surely you recall the improvisations of youth, so lately left behind - a shiny piece of cardboard, to bodysurf the stairs? Shirtless, too, at the very least. If you have a dog, moreover, he will be moved to great awe. I'll send you the picture.

  6. a pity my family didn't come to australia and raise this kind of 'produce'!