Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Studying green, kinetic lighting, and suiting a room

The guy at You Have Been Here Sometime has been studying green, kinetic lighting, and designing something to suit a room. So have we all, as the publicist did for all 3 considerations, in this single portrait of Jamie Conday, or this one of Joschka Netz. But he's done us the favour of breaking these elements down into discrete subjects. 

This approach moves one to contemplate a world as if these considerations did not exist, restores the appetite for their contribution, illuminates their nourishment of our understanding, anatomises the experience of hunger.

I find his to be one of the more tonically invigorating spaces one can visit, where each installation benefits not only from shrewd selection but a fine plinth for exhibition, inherent in the blog's design. None of the illustrations in this posting is present in that space. They are all drawn, as in this last one, from the genuinely delectable experience of going there. If you were a mousse au chocolat au thé vert, you would welcome the service. Well, dear reader: you are.


  1. john mccracken + mousse au chocolat au thé vert = a green full belly full of wonder!

    fabulous posting.... i'm tickled.

    david john

  2. It's exactly what one wishes for in one's lobster, but only now do I learn it all boils down to good reading habits. Amazing beast, yes?